Which Category should I choose?

Select the category and sub-category that best describes the item you are selling. Simply describe the item you are selling and click on any other the categories suggested. Alternatively, click on the most relevant category available from the category tree. If you believe your advert doesn‘t fit in any section in the category finder, or if you are unsure which category to choose, then email Loot Customer Services.

What makes a good title for an advert?

The title of your advert should summarize in no more than four words the item you are selling. You want someone to see the title of your advert and be able to tell what it is you are selling, without it being too complicated. Remember: the simpler, the better.

Please note:

  • Car adverts should start with the make and model of the car (e.g. Ford Fiesta)
  • Property adverts should start with the name and/or first two digits of post code of the area the property is located (e.g. Finsbury Park, N4)

Payment Options

We accept payment by credit or debit card and PayPal.

Is buying online secure?

We only use secure 3rd party payment options which are 2checkout and Paypal

Pricing my item

In order to get an idea as to what sort of price you should sell your item at, the best thing to do is to research what other similar items are priced at. You want a price which is competitive but which you are also happy with. Remember if there are other items which are similar to yours at a lower cost you are unlikely to get a lot of interest.

If you have no specific price in mind and just want to see how much money you can get for an item then why not place the advert and leave the price as simply Offers. This will mean customers can contact you and put a price forward that they would be happy to pay. A word of warning on this, however, as it can put some people off who imagine the item would be too expensive for them, or it can encourage customers who are only prepared to pay a small amount.

Why has my item been rejected?

All adverts are subject to our terms and privacy policy, which offers guidance on which items we will and will not publish.

If you wish to contact our customer services please email  info@DubaiTrades.com

How do I register?

Select the Register link in the header at the top left hand section of your screen.

You‘ll be taken straight to our Registration page where there are five sections to complete:

Your email address
Your password
Confirmation of your password
Confirmation of Loot user agreement

Once the fields in these sections have been filled in correctly, click on the red ‘Register‘ button. You will be sent an email which will confirm your details and your successful registration.

What are the benefits of registering?

Renew, edit or stop your adverts
View your advertising history
Update registration details and privacy permissions
Create email alerts

How can I change my registered details?

All your personal details are stored within the My Account section of our sites. In order to access Account Settings login and you should be automatically redirected to this section. If you are already logged in then simply select Account Settings

Enter your new details along and click on the ‘Update‘ button.